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    Owning or buying a vehicle is an exciting experience that we all look forward to. However, when you own a car, one thing that is inevitable is maintenance. A car being a machine has to be serviced after a given time interval or in the case of automobiles, servicing is done after a certain mileage covered by the car. When servicing the car and doing routine maintenance you have to purchase spare parts which will replace the old, worn out or broken parts.

    Maintenance is key and very important to the life of the car. Therefore, to have a reliable car that will serve you all day without any issues, you need to service your car using genuine high-quality parts. One of the most popular car brands is Toyota. There are a good number of Toyota cars on the roads, and these cars are preferred for their reliability and availability of parts. Unlike some other car brands, Toyota spare parts are easily available and at affordable prices. This thus makes maintenance cheap and convenient. Nonetheless, with ease of access to spare parts for Toyota cars comes another challenge: the market is also flooded with counterfeit parts. A good number of Toyota spare parts are not genuine and therefore not good for your car.


    Using fake or counterfeit spares have far-reaching implications that may prove to be too costly in the long run. Below we are going to look at some of the negative effects of using fake Toyota parts.

    Unsafe- To begin with, counterfeit spare parts are not safe. Most of these parts have not been manufactured as per the regulations, and they have not met the safety requirements. Thus, the parts can easily fail, causing serious injuries to the car users as well as other motorists and pedestrians. These parts will fail even before the stipulated operation time has been completed leading to massive losses and endangering human life.

    Expensive- One might rightly argue that counterfeit parts are cheap when purchasing as compared to the genuine ones. This is true only when you look at the short-term perspective of it. Nonetheless, counterfeit parts wear down quickly and will need replacement much more often than the genuine parts. This way, the car owners will end up spending much more in replacing parts often.

    Cheap alternatives are not long lasting- Fake car parts cannot last as long as the genuine parts. These parts have not been made to be in use for a long time, and they will fail as soon as they are installed. This will lead to car owners having to go back to the dealership or car repair shop to repair the same thing time and again. This is not only expensive but time-consuming.

    Always ensure that you fit your car with original Toyota parts. These parts can easily be found at Fairfield Auto Wreckers and an affordable price. Using genuine parts like the ones found at Fairfield Auto Wreckers is a guarantee that your car will serve you efficiently as it is supposed to be.

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