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    Sydney Auto Wreckers Find Quality Parts For Your Car Now

    Car wrecking is the environmentally sound way to get rid of your vehicle. Fairfield Auto Wreckers provides vehicle owners with cost-free auto wrecking that pays cash. We buy all makes, models, years and conditions of vehicles, foreign or domestic, offering the vehicle owner a cash payment for their old, damaged or wrecked vehicle. Our services create the easiest way to dispose of your auto, leaving you with the peace of mind that you have done something healthy for the environment.


    Fairfield Auto Wreckers provides vehicle owners with cash quotes for their auto both over the phone and by contacting us directly through our web page. Car owners that choose to sell their vehicle to Fairfield Auto Wreckers will also receive free towing. Our car wreckers schedule pick ups at times that are convenient for our customers. On the date of the collection, our cash offer amount will be paid. With our free towing services, vehicle owners eliminate hundreds of dollars spent on towing. Our car wrecking services are also offered to vehicle owners as a courtesy.

    Eco-Friendly Car Wrecking 

    With Fairfield Auto Wreckers car wrecking, vehicle owners are bypassing landfills for the disposal of their vehicles, creating a healthy vehicle disposal. With auto wrecking, the environment is not contaminated with residues  from the engine that leak into water and soil. There is also no risk of a fire that also pollutes the environment, and a common occurrence in landfills.


    We pay cash for your old, wrecked and damaged vehicle because we are the wreckers that recycle and refurbish engine parts. Your vehicle is worth its weight in the recycle value of its steel, alone. Combine that with parts that we can recycle or refurbish, and you have a fair price for your vehicle. We also don’t leave our customers with the concern of the cost of towing. Our technicians come to your location in Sydney, paying our cash for cars offer and removing your auto for free.

    We have built our reputation on the services we provide, and guarantee quality services, and a fair cash offer for your auto.

    Getting a Cash Offer on Your Vehicle

    Fairfield Auto Wreckers offers cash offers to vehicle owners that are interested in a free car removal Sydney, and a cash payment for their vehicle. Quotes can be obtained over the phone and through our web page. We will request that you provide us with the details of your vehicle, including a thorough description of the vehicle. Quotes can be obtained in about ten minutes during business hours.  In Newcastle Cardiff Auto Wreckers also supplies quality used spare parts.

    To receive a quote, please contact an Fairfield Auto Wreckers Specialist at the number here on our web page.

    Contact Us Today

    For more information on car wrecking services in Sydney offered from Fairfield Auto Wreckers, contact us at the number below. We can also be reached through our “get a quote” form located on this page.

    Call us at 0272046050