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    After miles of being behind the wheel, your car will eventually need some attention. Wear and tear on the different parts are inevitable. Sooner or later, replacement parts are necessary. At Fairfield Auto Wreckers, we specialise in providing you with parts that will serve you reliably for a long time.

    Every day we take apart Suzuki cars for parts so you can be sure that you will be able to find whatever you seek. From Escudo used parts all the way to the Grand Vitara, you will be able to find parts for your different models here with us. Contact us and tell us the part you are interested in, your car’s make, model and year of manufacture and we will find it for you.

    Some of the parts that we have in stock include:

    Suspension Parts: These include stabilizer bars, axles, Suzuki shock absorbers, springs, steering boxes, drive shafts, rims, tyres, differentials, hubs and even complete front or rear suspension systems for your Suzuki.

    Body. Regardless of the model or year of manufacture of your Suzuki, there is a good chance that we will have a replacement for any part of your car’s body. The parts that we have in stock include doors, bumpers, windows, headlights, tail lights and even fuel tanks.

    Interior. When it comes to interior components, Fairfield Auto Wreckers is a force to reckon with. We have complete Suzuki dashboards with working instrument clusters, airbags, gear levers, seats, door covers and even original Suzuki steering wheels. All these parts are genuine and original parts installed by the car manufacturer.

    Engine Components. If your Suzuki is having engine problems, be sure to visit Fairfield Auto Wreckers and we will be happy to assist you. We have radiators, fans, belts, shafts, Suzuki engine mounting devices, pulleys, alternators, AC compressors, brake boosters, starter motors, engine covers and even complete engines. We also have parts for your

    Suzuki gearbox so be sure to reach out if you need some. You can never go wrong with Fairfield Auto Wreckers.

    We take a lot of pride in offering parts with an unparalleled service guarantee in Sydney. Our technicians stop at nothing to ensure that the parts in our warehouse are high-quality parts that will serve you as expected. Before being offered for sale, each part is carefully inspected to ensure that it can serve you as expected.

    Another reason why Fairfield Auto Wreckers stands out in Sydney is the price of our parts. We buy used cars in bulk hence, we can get huge discounts, which are transferred to our clients in the form of highly discounted prices for the used parts.

    Unlike brand new parts, buying used car parts give you flexibility should you find that you accidentally purchased the wrong part. You can always return the part and ask for an exchange, something that is very hard to get from sellers of brand new car parts, which have to be in the original packaging with all seals intact before they can be accepted back.

    Come to Fairfield Auto Wreckers if you need any replacement part for your Suzuki and you will not be disappointed. Contact Us Today 

    For more information on genuine used Suzuki parts, contact a parts pro at Fairfield Auto Wreckers at the number below.

    Call us at 02 8111 7878