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    Subaru is one of the most popular car brands in Australia. Most Subaru models are associated with speed and high performance on the road. For these reasons, there are quite some Subaru cars on the Australian roads. These are good cars, but you have to service them with high-quality spare parts so that they can be able to perform well. Any high-performance car needs to have genuine parts that will be able to cope with the grueling and demanding driving conditions.

    Car maintenance is an important aspect of any car brand and especially Subarus. For these cars to have a long lasting life and give the optimal performance, they have to maintain by having regular service and replacement of worn out or broken parts. Quality parts can only be bought at Fairfield Auto Wreckers, which is Australia’s leading Auto spares shop. Here you will be able to get genuine parts that come with a warranty and those that are meant to be used for these cars. These parts have been acquired directly from the manufacturers of Subaru cars, and you can be sure that they will serve you for a long time without fail. Using spare parts from Fairfield Auto Wreckers is the only way that you can be sure to keep your vehicle in excellent working condition.

    Counterfeit spare parts may be cheap while purchasing but they have a host of disadvantages. This include:

    Unsafe for use- Each genuine car part, when manufactured, has to attain a certain standard and specifications. These specifications and standards are the ones that ensure that the part can be used safely without fail, and the parts can perform as expected. When it comes to counterfeits, there are no standards that are adhered to or followed. The parts are just a mimic of the original with no thorough testing or vigorous assessment to ensure that they can be used safely. This thus leads to the manufacture of parts that fail catastrophically and which endanger the lives of people.

    They are not long lasting- One thing that is for sure about counterfeit parts is that they do not last for long. These parts often fail and have to be replaced at very short time intervals. Car users cannot have the peace of relying on their cars because they can break down at any time. This, in turn, is very frustrating and time-consuming. You get to spend a lot of valuable time on the car repair shops doing repairs that could easily have been done once and for all.

    Expensive in the long run- Although they might be cheap to buy, the cost of replacing counterfeit parts frequently eventually becomes very high. These parts do not last for long and thus require replacement every so often. The cost of labor and buying other parts becomes too high, and this is uneconomical.

    There is only one way to get rid of all the above problems: you should always ensure that you buy genuine Subaru car parts from Fairfield Auto Wreckers.

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