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    At Fairfield Auto Wreckers we dismantle all types of vehicles from any make and model.

    We have a wide variety of car parts available from all makes and model vehicles at Fairfield Auto Wreckers. We wreck all sorts of vehicles from vans to SUVs to cars and trucks. Our yard houses a great variety of vehicles from all sorts of manufacturers who have ended up with us for all kinds of different reasons.  

    If your car is having some issues and you need a spare part for it, then look no further, we have all sorts of car parts from all makes and model wrecked vehicles.

    Why pay extra for a part at a dealership or ship one from overseas when you could most likely get the same part for cheaper at Fairfield Auto Wreckers.

    We are your number one local auto wrecker yard with all makes and model wrecked vehicles.

    What we do

    Fairfield Auto Wreckers are Sydney’s number one reliable auto Wrecker. We Wreck all sorts of vehicles. We supply all type of parts for your broken down, damaged, mechanical issues vehicle. Our team can also install the part for you depending on the component. 

    If you car costs too much to repair then why not sell your car for cash, That’s another service we offer at Fairfield wreckers. We purchase cars any make, model and condition with free towing. When you call Fairfield Auto Wreckers on 02 8111 7878 you will receive a free quote on your vehicle.

    If you are happy with the quote, we will then schedule a time and place where your vehicle can be picked up. We will then collect your vehicle and pay you on the spot.

    We Store Spare Parts

    Fairfield Auto Wreckers Wreck all sorts of makes and model vehicles and therefore we have a great variety of parts from all sorts of make and model wrecked cars. If you’re in need of a part for your car, then look no further than Fairfield Auto Wreckers. What you want is likely to be found here at our parts shop at a cheaper rate.

    We store all parts of a vehicle including:

    • Engine
    • Doors
    • Boot
    • Bonnet
    • Wheels
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Transmission
    • Mufflers
    • Diffs
    • Mirror
    • Lights
    • Seats
    • Guards
    • Panels

    Whatever you’re looking for you are likely to find at our parts store. We possess the biggest variety of make and model wrecked vehicles you will find.

    We store a wide range of cars from all European, Japanese, Korean, American and more, below is just a few vehicle makes we store:

    And much more!

    What happens to vehicles

    All the various makes and model wrecked vehicles that come through us are treated the same. Once a vehicle comes to us, we clean the vehicle from all the harmful chemicals and liquids it possesses and strip it of its parts.

    The part it possesses which are still working, will be cleaned, and stored for possible resale or reuse. The parts which are unusable are sent off to recycling.

    If you can’t come in and see for yourself, then call us today on: 02 8111 7878 and we’ll do the looking for you. 

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