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    Fairfield Auto Wreckers is one of the leading Lexus wrecker companies in Australia. We wreck all sorts of Lexus, any model and year made.

    We supply all types of parts from engine, doors, wheels, gearbox and more.. We are not only wreckers of Lexus but also wreckers of all sorts of different makes and model vehicles.

    Our team dismantles all types of Lexus whether its truck, sedan, van, Ute you name we wreck it. We have all sorts of old car makes and models which we purchase and wreck daily.

    Lexus Wrecker means Lexus Car Parts

    Purchasing a variety of Lexus vehicles often means having a variety of used Lexus vehicle parts.

    When we purchase a vehicle for wrecking, we strip it of its parts and clean those parts and test to see if they are still functioning. Those parts that are no longer usable or functioning are disposed of.

    However, if a vehicle has parts still functioning which can be reused, those parts are stored in our Lexus Wrecker store for resale.

    For those looking for used car parts, you can contact us on 02 8111 7878 or submit online inquiry.

    Getting parts for your Lexus from Fairfield wrecker is one of the fastest and most convenient way. Fairfield auto wreckers will not supply parts for your car but also install it for you as well and that depends which part is required to be installed.

    We purchase all sorts of used Lexus for wrecking, no matter the make, size, shape, or colour to ensure we have the parts you require!

    Lexus wreckers

    Lexus models we wreck for parts

    Being a reliable auto wrecker we supply parts for all type of Lexus models including:

    • Lexus UX
    • Lexus NX
    • Lexus RX
    • Lexus LX
    • Lexus ES
    • Lexus LS
    • Lexus LC
    • Lexus IS

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    We also offer cash for Lexus vehicles

    We offer cash for Lexus cars any make or model with free towing. We come to you and buy your car for maximum cash. Main reason why we could offer top cash for your car is that we are also Lexus wrecker which means unlike other car buyer we use parts from your car. As advantage of being a reputable Lexus wrecker we could sell parts from your car instantly, which saves us space and you get more cash. Contact us today to find out how much your car is worth.

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    Our vehicle appraisers are trained, experienced and eager to serve you. Our customer service is something we pride ourselves in. We ensure that all our staff are friendly and helpful, and that our deliveries are punctual in order to provide you with a smooth and stress-free experience.

    If your looking to get parts for your car from Sydney’s reliable Lexus wrecker – Call us Today on 02 8111 7878