Having a reliable car is very important, especially since the cities seem to be getting bigger and bigger on a yearly basis and new residential areas are being developed continuously.

However, we don’t always have to sell our old car and purchase a new one in order to have a reliable car. Your old car can be reliable if you take care of it and service it regularly. Often the only thing an old car needs to run like new is a spare part or two. Changing a faulty part in a vehicle can make a tremendous difference in the vehicle’s power and drive.

The reasons behind why people may go shopping for a used car part are many. Whether they need parts because of a recent accident, whether they purchased a used vehicle that needs fixing or whether they’re fixing a car for someone else, used car parts are very useful and can save you a lot of money.

However, before you go out shopping for used car parts, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a few things in order.

Know exactly what Part you need

It is important to know what part you need in order to get the right part for your vehicle. This means knowing your vehicle’s make, model and year as well. Parts in vehicles often change in size and shape according to make, model and year they were manufactured.

That’s why listing those details is important to getting the perfect match for your part.

Knowing you VIN number

Writing down your vehicle’s VIN number is crucial when shopping for a new part. Having it written down (or memorised) is important because the seller almost always asks for your vehicle’s VIN number when selling a part.

This also helps to ensure that you end up with the right part for your vehicle as not all parts are compatible with all car makes and models.

Is the seller a trusted source?

Finding a trusted seller is very important when purchasing used car parts for your used car. Fairfield Auto Wreckers offer a range of used parts for used and new cars.

We also purchase all sorts of damaged or old cars for cash from used car owners. We then strip the vehicle for any spare parts which can be reused or resold. We clean those parts and ensure they are still functional. We then put them aside for sale.

All our old and damaged vehicles, and their parts, are cleaned from any harmful liquids and substances before they are shipped overseas or sent as recycled metal.

Used vehicles worth saving

Not all used cars need to be sent to the wreckers when they break down or are damaged. Many can be saved, it just requires a little effort. Knowing what your vehicle needs or what parts it needs in order to get it back to how it was is very important. Often a few hundred bucks is all it takes to have it driving like new. 

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