Buying genuine Used Auto Parts offer many advantages that go beyond cost savings. However, even cost savings is not always a value if the parts are not certified and tested to ensure they are in good working condition with many miles left to drive. Metro Auto Wreckers sales genuine certified tested used auto parts, offering our customers value for money in used auto parts. Our prices are affordable, and our replacement parts are ones you can trust.

Buying Used Auto Parts means that you can replace those damaged parts without having to replace the engine. Going to a wrecking yard most often means you have to search through a lot of cars to find the parts you need. There’s no telling how long the vehicles have been sitting on the open plot deteriorating. There is also the disadvantage of many times having to take the part off the vehicle yourself. At Metro Auto Wreckers you have a quality selection of used auto parts that are pulled, tested and certified and neatly organised for you to quickly get the part you need.

Another advantage of buying Used Auto Parts at Metro Auto Wreckers is that many of the parts come with a warranty, offering you the peace of mind that you are getting value for money.

Aside from purchasing quality used parts at discounted prices, you also have the advantage of doing something healthy for the environment. Buying second-hand parts helps keep materials out of landfills, as well as helps to preserve resources as new parts are not manufactured and used for replacement parts. The cycle is a winning cycle as fewer materials, fuels, and resources are used for a new manufacturer.

When shopping for Used Auto Parts, quality is essential. There are many online parts houses, just as wrecking yards, but you want to ensure that the parts are certified and tested. Metro Auto Wreckers tests and certifies each genuine used part we have for sale.

For quality parts at discount prices, contact us today. Call us at 02 8111 7878

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