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    Used Audi parts go a long way in providing you a good working solution for lowering your repair costs. These pieces are affordable and come with quality that’s fit for use in your Audi. At Fairfield Auto Wreckers, we specialize in providing these parts in Sydney. We take apart several Audis every week hence you can be sure that we always have fresh stock. By coming to Fairfield Auto Wreckers for your used Audi replacement parts, you will be bypassing the middleman and saving some time and money in the process. Each of our used Audi parts is carefully checked by our highly skilled and experienced technicians before it’s made available for sale to ensure that you get only high-quality parts that will serve you as expected. Any parts with signs of wear or other small defects are crushed and sold to scrap metal dealers.


    Audis are high-end cars that are built to give owners comfort and a level of luxury that’s not common in other vehicles. As a result, many Audi owners are usually not sure whether they should go with used replacement parts. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should buy used Audi replacement parts.

    High Quality. Used Audi replacement parts come with the quality recommended by the manufacturer. They are taken from other similar Audis. Our Audi parts are genuine parts and tested for reliability and performance.

    Affordable. Since we buy the wrecked cars in bulk, we can get huge discounts. With our buying power, we have a massive selection of parts that are offered at affordable prices.  When you choose used Audi parts from Fairfield Auto Wreckers, you will only have to pay a fraction of the cost of a brand new part.

    Eco-friendly. Buying used car parts is simply recycling the parts. When a car is wrecked in an accident, only about 20-30% of the systems are usually affected. The rest of the parts are usually in good working order. Throwing away the entire car is a waste of resources and hurts the environment. By recycling the good parts, you will reduce the demand for new parts. Hence, factories will not need to mine more metals to produce more new parts. The result is reduced pollution and lower pressure on diminishing mineral resources.

    Wide range of parts. There are parts in your Audi that are tough to get damaged. As a result, these parts are hard to find on replacement part shops. At Fairfield Auto Wreckers, we recover all the parts that can be reused regardless of whether they are in popular demand or not. Doing so means that our customers have access to even the most difficult to find parts in our catalog.

    Regardless of whether you are looking for used Audi engine parts, suspension components or exterior parts, Fairfield Auto Wreckers is the company to call. You will not be disappointed.

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